It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Faeda Elliott. I’ve worked with Faeda since 2014 with Feeding America Riverside|San Bernardino, a regional nonprofit organization and Heroes on the Water, a National Veterans Service Organization. Faeda built awesome websites for both and handled our social media pages. She was an active participant in helping structure our messaging, building our followers and also designed and produced materials for outreach and fundraising. Her expertise helped both organizations grow. Faeda is an exceptional resource and I highly recommend her. – William (Bill) Carnegie, CEO Feeding America Riverside | CEO Heroes On The Water
Thinking I knew everything I needed in order to start my company, little did I realize how little I knew. Faeda was my first choice in designing my webpage, establishing a presence on all social media platforms, designing documents, mailings, and strategizing on growth. I was so fortunate to find her as she worked closely with me turning my ideas for Silver Founder Academy into reality. A pleasure and joy working with such a talented, and patient professional. – Anita Leffel, Silver Founder Academy
Starting up a business is a hard decision, finding people you trust when you start out is even harder. Thankfully, I fell into the rights hands with Insquired. Not knowing where to begin with our branding and marketing needs, I met with Faeda to see what she had to offer. Not only did she give me a breakdown of services my business could benefit from but we also went over long term goals. Insquired has designed our logo, website and much more. Our next phase with Insquired is implementing marketing strategies to take our business to the next level. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Insquired and I know I will forever use Insquired as we continue to expand. She is flexible and understanding of a new businesses needs and projects are always completed in a timely manner. If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond for you, then I highly recommend you give them a call. – Maria Dueñas, Deelish Events
Insquired takes a concept and makes it into a powerful, effective marketing piece. Insquired’s depth of design ability makes each piece they create uniquely branded for the client they are working on. With Insquired it is always about the client’s style, not their own. Insquired is responsive and easy to work with and they are truly an asset to my design team. – Ginger Ellis, Mix Marketing Group
There have been very few that I’ve spoken with that I felt I wanted to work with. The more we talked, the more I started to think Insquired might be the company I would use to rework my business collateral. I told them what I know I did not want, and left it to them to come up with something. They created designs that I loved and they showcased the essence of my business and brand. They are very easy to work with. The designs are exquisite and they just ‘get’ it. This makes life so much easier for me.  They work within my budget and don’t scrimp on the design process. I say sit down and have a chat with Insquired. Instead of telling them what you want, share your vision, and they’ll come up with what you need.  – “Safari” Kay Trotman, Destined To Travel
Insquired is my go-to resource for graphic design needs. As a communications consultant, I often encounter clients with graphic design challenges, whether those be web design, visual branding, logos, etc. Most recently, Insquired created the logo and branding elements for a start-up food truck I work with in Dallas. The process was seamless, professional and fun. They immediately captured the vision for the project and produced superior work – on time and on budget. My clients were thrilled! Insquired always make me look good. I would recommend them to anyone. – Andrea Barger, FlintSpark Communications