The pandemic is not limited to the symptoms of Coronavirus itself. As many people have lost their jobs, their health insurance, their homes, and have found themselves in many other terrible, challenging circumstances, it has amplified the needs of services and expanded the missions of many nonprofit organizations. Since these organizations rely on philanthropy and public support to operate, this has put more pressure on nonprofits, forcing them to stretch resources in order to support communities and people in need.

We can’t be sure when we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Covid has forced many nonprofits to stop operations because volunteers were quarantined. With family budgets tight, fewer people can donate. Many nonprofit leaders feel they must compete against other organizations for funding more so now than ever before. While it may be necessary to cut back on some operations in order to conserve money and efforts, it’s critical to keep your marketing and fundraising plans in place and stay consistent with them regardless of the economy or this global crisis.


A marketing and social media strategy doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, but keep investing your time! Marketing can make a wealth of difference in the longevity and success of your organization. Staying active on your platforms will show your supporters and followers that you’re still up and running and still in need of support. If you already have a strategy mapped out, stay on track with it as much as possible. Some content may need to be revised to accommodate changing circumstances, but keep your posting schedule, email campaign, or outreach schedule in place as much as possible. Try to keep posting on the same days and time, and send a variety of helpful content in addition to asking for donations.

During difficult economic times, nonprofits that stop all fundraising, marketing, or outreach efforts to save money usually have a harder time bouncing back or have to fold completely. This is because, if you’re not in the public eye, reaching out to your audience to let them know work is still needed and being done, people will assume your organization is no longer effective or operational. Stay active to stay relevant, just like you always should, and you’ll be able to find the resources you need.


If disaster has struck, and we can safely assume it has in the time of this pandemic, it’s time to reach out and ask for help from your donors. Make a list of your top donors and target them with a special email campaign or call them. Share how these times are impacting your nonprofit and the people or cause you serve. Let them know what you need to get through it. You may be surprised at how many are willing and able to help, even in a time of crisis.

Don’t forget to show your gratitude and thank your donors and everyone who’s continued to support your organization. For people who send large donations, a phone call or handwritten note is a wonderful gesture to build up your relationship with them and help garner donations in the future.


In addition to reaching out to your donors directly, you can earn donations by hosting online events. Plan an online auction of donated items, host a webinar or class, or invite an expert to speak about topics relevant to your organization. You can make these events no cost with a donation request or sell tickets for events with a high value. Tickets can be sold at varied price points with different perks or gifts at each price level.

This is a great way to raise money for your nonprofit and build rapport so your supporters and attendees will think of your cause in the future. You can post on your social media platforms or send email invites, both of which are low cost, to create a buzz and get people talking about your event and mission.


If orchestrating a virtual event isn’t possible, try a flash fundraiser. You can advertise for these on your social media platforms and to your email subscribers. Add wording to create urgency like “flash” and have an end date and time. Setting a goal also helps get people excited about contributing to reach, and hopefully exceed, that number. If possible, leverage a matched gift to encourage additional donations. Be sure to still include a monthly or repeat subscription donation option.

Make sure all your marketing materials for virtual events or flash fundraisers are brand appropriate and punchy, and encourage your supporters to share their invites and spread the word! Expanding your event to include local businesses or other nonprofits allows you to use their connections and grow your contributors.

Even experts can’t say for sure when we’ll be out of the woods with this pandemic. Stay tenacious and hopeful, and don’t give up assuming you won’t find support for your organization. Stick to your marketing strategy, be diligent with your outreach, and keep fundraising the same as you would in better circumstances. These efforts will help your organization continue helping those in need.

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