Jane Chen: Event Coordinator

Jane Chen, Event Coordinator at Share & Do Good
Jane Chen

Jane Chen is the event coordinator at the beautiful giving boutique in Orange County called Share & Do Good. I first met her at a social gathering at the shop and was immediately impressed by the venue, as well as by her knowledge and bubbly friendliness. As for the store, let’s just say I treasure every item I’ve ever bought there.

Today, I’m happy to introduce you to Jane and share her knowledge about some amazing brands and this one-of-a-kind shop filled with hope!

Give us a little introduction about yourself and how you got to your current role as event coordinator.

Hi I’m Jane! Your gal-pal that makes things happen! You’ll usually find me squealing with delight over the latest and greatest in the world of socially conscious fashion and beauty. I’m obsessed with products that not only look good, but do good as well. Currently, I’m the Events Coordinator at Share & Do Good, a giving boutique in downtown Fullerton, California. My background is in beauty industry marketing and product development and my interests have always leaned towards products in the high-performance natural luxury market. I have always been conscious of where ingredients were sourced from, the people who were involved in making them, and if they had a positive effect on our health and wellness. This led me to research more about fair trade vendors and practices and eventually led me to be immersed in what we now call the “social good/social entrepreneurship” movement.

One day, I discovered Share & Do Good in my community and became friends with Lilly Tokuyama, our fabulous owner. As the store expanded into the next phase, Lilly invited me to be part of Share by creating events to connect and engage with our community. I’m so grateful to be part of such a unique retail concept where I can share the stories of so many great brands and products that are making a real social impact around the world!

Two things that I love about Share & Do Good is its visual aesthetic and how well it tells the stories of the brands it carries. Can you describe for readers what the store is all about?

Share & Do Good is a giving boutique, where every product we sell has a story behind the product in how it helps people around the world in tangible ways.

What brands or types of merchandise can be found at Share & Do Good?

We partner with over 40 giving brands and carry products that have two specific elements:

  1. Good design.
    It’s important to us that the products we carry not only create real impact but visually communicate these stories of impact well. Good design can do great things; it attracts people and allows them to incorporate stories into their lifestyle. We want to select items that people would be inspired to buy even if they don’t know about the cause. It’s always such a bummer when people buy something as a “pity-purchase” based off the cause and then put it away and never think about it again. On the other hand, how awesome would it be to discover that a special necklace from 31 Bits is not only on trend, but also helps empower and provide job opportunities to women in Uganda? You’d be more than excited to share and tell all your friends…I know I have!
  2. Create a tangible social impact.
    The brands and products we carry all have a way to create a personal connection with the person behind every product. An example of social impact that we look for is if they create job and educational opportunities for the person to rise out of oppression.

Here are some brands that we work with:
Sseko Designs
31 Bits
Krochet Kids
Purpose Jewelry
The Giving Keys
Good Paper
Raven and Lily
Hand in Hand
Rooted Beauty
and so many more!!!

I imagine that working at a store like Share & Do Good makes you constantly evaluate your wardrobe. How would you say it has affected your style?

I find that I’m able to really filter through items that are cute and trendy vs. items that have intention and purpose. If there’s something that is on trend that I find inspiring, I usually can find a social good brand that has those elements incorporated in their newest collection, so I consciously choose the social good item instead. I’m definitely more selective of what I choose to purchase and style-wise I’m starting to be attracted to the “capsule” wardrobe concept. Not only are you creating less waste by choosing a few quality pieces but you really hone down on your style. This forces me to not just purchase because it’s trendy, on sale, or because I get more for my buck.

What are some of your personal favorite give-back or lifestyle brands?

O boy, the list grows every day!!! But here are just a few that you’ll probably always see me wearing:
Accessories: 31 Bits, Purpose Jewelry, Link of Hearts, The Giving Keys
Shoes and handbags: Sseko Designs
Apparel: Krochet Kids, Sevenly, Threads for Thoughts
Beauty: Rooted Beauty, Hand in Hand, Josie Maran Cosmetics, 100% Pure

What are some events you coordinated in 2015?

We had some amazing events last year: Shop for a Cause for Salvation Army Trafficking Services, Bloom Gatherings by Yellow Conference, Sip ‘n Shop for Dressember, Christmas Caroling with All the Arts Foundation…to name just a few!

Any upcoming events that you are pumped about?

I’m so pumped for our Grand Opening party on Feb 20th, 2016 for our second Share & Do Good store in Long Beach! Also, we’re hosting Purpose Jewelry’s Spring Launch Party on March 18th, 2016! It’s going to be a blast!

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Jane or hosting an event at Share & Do Good, you can reach her directly at events@shareanddogood.com. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter @pinkjaney.

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